Best SEO Plugins 2020 For WordPress site

Best SEO Plugins 2019 For WordPress site

Are you looking for the Best SEO Plugins 2020 for your WordPress site?

Here we list some of the Best SEO Plugins 2020, with the help of which you can easily improve your website SEO and get a higher rank and more visitor in search engines.

The Best SEO Plugins 2020 For WordPress site

Well, as you all know what is SEO? SEO is extremely important for any website and if you optimize your site SEO well, then you can get lots of traffic from the search engine. But if your website or blog is on WordPress platform, then here are some of the best WordPress Best SEO Plugins 2020 you can optimize SEO by installing on your blog or website and get good organic traffic from Google search engine.

WordPress is considered the best SEO friendly content management system, because it makes your site optimizing process easier.

So let’s leave all of these things and come directly to our topic and see the list of the best WordPress SEO plugin …

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress 2020

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin WordPress is the best free plugin to improve SEO. This paid both free and paid version is available. With this help, you can optimize your site well for Search engines. Yoast SEO plugin can be installed and activated by visiting the WordPress plugin page. Yoast SEO Plugin provides a solid toolset for your WordPress site,

  • You can add Meta description to the homepage.
  • You can add Meta description in a single post or page.
  • Can add meta description for social sharing.
  • Edit your Robots.txt and .htaccess file.
  • Create a sitemap for your site.

and many more.

All In One SEO

This is the alternative of Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. You can download All In One SEO Pack plugin by visiting the WordPress plugin page. Additionally, it provides a one-page setting which makes it easy to set up. All In One SEO Pack offers you all the features like Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.


WP Meta SEO comes with many useful features and functionalities that help make your content SEO friendly.

The WP Meta SEO’s Dashboard SEO overview provides what is optimized for your site SEO. It displays percentage score for permalinks, meta title, meta description, wrongly resized images, image metadata, new or updated content, link titles and 404 error pages.


SEOPressor is a premium WordPress SEO plugin. This covers all issues related to SEO on your site. SEOPressor allows you to Optimize 3 Keywords

For Beginners, SEOPressor not only ensures that the content is keyword-rich but also ensures the right places of the keyword and the right frequency. It also has an “over-optimization” warning tool that helps you know that you are not violating Google Webmaster Guidelines.


Squirrly SEO is for non-SEO experts who help to ensure that your content is optimized well for both search engines and readers.

Squirrly SEO helps you write SEO friendly and human-friendly content, and when you provide great content to your readers, your Google ranking is improved.

It has also been recommended by Neil Patel, which is a co-founder of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg, besides Brian Dean and more than 100 content marketing experts are recommended.

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack is a premium WordPress SEO Plugin. Using it you can optimize your site for SEO in minutes. There is a compressed CSS and JS feature, which helps improve your website loading speed.

If you want to use this WordPress SEO plugin on your blog or website then you will have to spend at least $ 44. This plugin has many SEO features that can help boost your website SEO.


SmartCrawl is another premium SEO optimization plugin that has been developed by WPMUDEV. It helps boost your PageRank and traffic. SmartCrawl has all the SEO features that are needed for your WordPress site – one-click setup, keyword auto-linking, sitemap generator, improved social sharing, content analyzer, and regular scans and reports.

Praison SEO

This is a simple and powerful WordPress SEO plugin. It has been developed by Mervin Prison. The setup of Praison SEO is very easy and it is perfect for beginners and advanced users.


  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Title Optimization
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Authorship Integration
  • Canonical URL
  • NoFollow, No Index Settings
  • XML Sitemap
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Google Webmaster Tools Verification

Rank Math

Recently, MyThemeShop has launched Brand New Rank Math SEO plugin for the WordPress user. You can download it for free. It offers dozens of SEO features to optimize your website content.

Final Thought

Here we have told you about many WordPress Best SEO Plugins 2020 and you can use any one of them to use on your blog but in all these Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack are very popular.

We recommend that you install Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin to make your blog or website SEO Optimize as it is the most top WordPress plugins for SEO.

We use Yoast SEO on all our blogs and would like to tell you again that you also use Yoast SEO on your blog. You can comment on any questions or suggestions related to this article.

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